Chief Assessor

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Toby interviews our prospective tutors and assesses their mock lessons. He is also one of our most experienced English and Maths tutors. Toby's proudest moment was when he tied Christopher Lee’s (AKA Saruman’s) bow-tie!

Job description

Toby is in charge of recruitment of new tutors. He conducts interviews with prospective tutors and assesses their lessons to get a feel for whether they have the teaching style we're looking for. In addition, Toby works on our Admin Team, supporting applicants, tutors and clients. He advises applicants on the application process and books them in for interviews. He liaises with clients about their tuition enquiries and discusses potential jobs with tutors.

Full biog

Toby graduated from Oxford in 2012 with a degree in English Language and Literature. He then completed a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at New York University. He has over 1000 hours' tutoring experience in English and Maths, including a lot of teaching towards the 11+ exam. He has also taught English and Maths in schools. Toby got top marks in his Maths and Further Maths A Levels, so has used two very different sides of his brain in his education and in his teaching.

Titanium Tutors – London Office


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