NHS worker

First Hour Free For Children Of NHS Workers

(thank you for helping us in the COVID-19 crisis)

The first hour of tutoring is free of charge for children of NHS worker families (maximum of 3 children).


Choose from any of our 200+ subjects. Our tutors can help children of any age from Reception right through to Year 13 and beyond.

This is a modified version of the scheme we ran in April/May 2020 to show our support for the NHS during the coronavirus outbreak. In those two months alone we allocated over 1,150 hours of free tutoring to NHS families, thanks to the incredible generosity of our volunteer tutors.


Please note:

1. There is no obligation to continue with tutoring after each child's 1 hour free lesson. We will, however, let you know up-front what the tutor's hourly rate will be should you wish to continue. We can limit our search to tutors in a specific price band, or we can provide you with a range of options.

2. We will ask you to prove your NHS status by sending us an email from your NHS email address or by sending a photo of your NHS ID card.

3. This offer may only be used once per child per NHS family, up to a maximum of 3 children. In the unlikely event that you're not delighted with a tutor after the 1 hour free lesson, we will be happy to match you with another, but the first lesson with the new tutor will be billable.

4. Families who participated in the April/May 2020 scheme are not eligible for this new offer.

5. This offer is subject to the availability of tutors offering 1 free hour.

Tutors looking to participate in the scheme should follow the usual tutor application process on our site. If accepted onto our books, you will have access to details of each individual assignment in the scheme via our online portal and will be able to register interest there too.


NHS staff should follow these steps:


Phone us


Give us a ring on 020 7164 6455 for a 5-10 minute discussion about your children's requirements.

After the call we will ask you to send us an email from your NHS email address to verify your identity.


Matching Process


We will contact suitable tutors and choose the ones who are the best fit for your children's needs.


All tutors are subject to our highly selective assessment process.

Once we have selected a tutor for each of your participating children, we will send you their academic and teaching background and ask you if you would like to proceed.




Once we have your approval to proceed, we will put you in touch with your allocated tutor(s) so that online lessons can commence straight away. You or a designated family member or friend can liaise directly with the tutor(s) to arrange each session.

You will receive a report after each session detailing the progress of your children and what was covered in the lesson.