We offer five varied tutoring rates to suit all budgets.


Private tutors' rates depend on their level of experience and their client feedback.

The guide below provides an illustration as to the typical level of experience of tutors in each price band.

Band 1  £30/hr inc. VAT

Undergraduates studying at top universities who aced our challenging teaching test.


Band 2   £42/hr inc. VAT

Graduates from top universities who aced our challenging teaching test.

Certain very experienced undergraduates at top universities are also in this band.


Band 3   £60/hr inc. VAT

Graduates from top universities with considerable private tutoring and/or school teaching experience.


Band 4   £78/hr inc. VAT

Tutors with hundreds of hours of private tutoring experience (and/or a PGCE, and/or school teaching experience).


Band 5   £96/hr inc. VAT

Tutors with 500+ hours of private tuition experience (and/or a PGCE, and/or school teaching experience).

Is there a discount for online teaching / Skype?

Some of our tutors offer a small discount for online lessons, as it gives them flexibility to arrange lessons in a way which reduces their travel time. This is, however, at the discretion of the individual tutor: some tutors take the view that they can achieve just as much (or indeed more) in an online lesson, due to the additional technologies which can be used, and therefore do not offer a discount for these lessons. In cases where tutors offer an online lesson discount, we will provide you with this information alongside their standard private tuition rate.

No hidden fees

The fees we quote include the total of everything you need to pay. There are no additional fees for registering you, finding the tutor or other admin: everything is rolled into the prices above, with the occasional exception of travel expenses.

Typically there is no additional charge for tutors' travel expenses — this is, however, at the discretion of the tutor, so additional costs may apply when the tutor has a long or expensive journey. These will always be quoted up-front when we recommend a tutor to you, so you can take these costs into consideration.

No strings attached

All the work we do up-front in finding you the perfect tutor comes with no strings attached: if you do not go ahead with one of our tutors, you will not need to pay anything. There is no minimum commitment, either — you can start out by booking just a single hour.

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