We offer five varied tutoring rates to suit all budgets.


Private tutors' rates depend on their qualifications and experience.

The guide below provides an illustration as to the typical level of experience of tutors in each price band, though tutors' exact profiles may vary.
All tutors in every price band are thoroughly vetted before they start teaching. This includes passing our challenging teaching test and stringent background checks.

Band 1 

£30/hr (includes tutor fee, TT fee & VAT)

Undergraduates at top universities who aced our teaching test and background checks.


Band 2  

£42/hr (includes tutor fee, TT fee & VAT)

Graduates from top universities who aced our teaching test and background checks.


Band 3  

£60/hr (includes tutor fee, TT fee & VAT)

Experienced tutors with degrees from top universities and 250+ hours' tutoring experience.


Band 4  

£78/hr (includes tutor fee, TT fee & VAT)

Very experienced tutors, with 500+ hours' tutoring experience, and at least one of: teaching qualification (e.g. PGCE), school teaching experience, Masters, PhD, long-standing track record with TT.


Band 5  

£96/hr (includes tutor fee, TT fee & VAT)

Extremely experienced tutors, with 1000+ hours' tutoring experience, and at least one of the Band 4 qualities above. Some have additional experience, e.g. as an examiner or Head of Department in a school.

Online/Skype discounts

Some of our tutors offer a discount for online lessons, as it gives them flexibility to arrange lessons in a way which reduces their travel time. This is, however, at the discretion of the individual tutor. In cases where tutors offer an online lesson discount, we will provide you with this information alongside their standard private tuition rate.

Discounts for schools and charities

We are currently offering generous school discounts as part of our commitment to help schools get their pupils back on track given COVID disruptions. We are likewise happy to offer reduced rates to charities. Please contact us for more details.

All-inclusive fees

In the vast majority of cases, the fees outlined above include the total of everything charged by the tutor (for providing the tutoring) and by Titanium Tutors (for providing the introduction, technology and admin). If any other fees are applicable, we will always let you know about these up-front, before you proceed with tuition.

Typically there is no additional charge for tutors' travel expenses — this is, however, at the discretion of the tutor, so additional costs may apply when the tutor has a long or expensive journey. These will always be quoted up-front when we recommend a tutor to you, so you can take these costs into consideration.

If the tutor requires any books or materials, they will usually invite you to purchase these yourself. Alternatively they may seek your permission to purchase the materials on your behalf and add them to your bill. The tutor will not make any purchases without your explicit agreement.

If you require residential tutoring, homeschooling or need to hire a tutor full-time, our fees may differ from the above: please contact us to discuss your specific requirements so we can provide a quote.

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Great experience! The quality of tutors is second to none and we’ve seen results to match! Would definitely use again.


Tim K

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Titanium Tutors found the right match for my son, he made huge progress in English. Really good experience overall. Would definitely recommend.


Delphine S

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Both of my children have found their tutors to be first class in their subject and incredibly nice too! Very detailed and informative feedback after each session. 


Angela R