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Want to become a private tutor with Titanium Tutors?

Apply today and start tutoring in London, Cambridge, other UK cities or ONLINE (via Skype, Zoom, etc.)

Essential qualities

• You must be at least 18 years old

• You must be living in the UK

• You must have a UK bank account to receive payments

• You must be able to work self-employed in the UK

NB: Tier 2 and Tier 4 visas typically prohibit self-employed work (however, the rules are different for dependents).

Desirable qualities

• Ideally you will be a university undergraduate or graduate

NB: gap year students with outstanding A Level grades will also be considered, although we only recruit a limited number.

Where you can tutor

Online, or in-person anywhere in the UK (although the majority of our face-to-face jobs are in the London area).


How does it work?

Our comprehensive Applicant Pack gives full details about becoming a Titanium tutor, including what the role involves and how to apply.


OK, I'm ready!

Good to hear. Please start by creating an account on our applicant portal using the APPLY NOW button below. If we take your application forward, we will invite you to an interview, which will involve teaching a short lesson.


Why become a tutor with Titanium Tutors?


1: Generous tutor rates

We look to recruit the best tutors in London and the UK, and we think it's only fair that our tutoring pay rates should match the standard of high quality teaching we're looking for. There is a sliding pay scale based on qualifications and teaching experience (see Applicant Pack). Tutors have the flexibility to set their own rates within the scale, and as they gain more students and client feedback, there is the opportunity for them to move to higher rates.

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2: Speedy payment

We know that private tutors, like any professionals, care deeply about being paid on time: who wouldn't? Yet some London tutoring agencies still pay monthly, or “whenever the client pays”, which makes it difficult for tutors to plan their finances. That's why we pay our tutors every week. Tutors submit a quick report after each lesson and receive payment no later than 7 calendar days later. We pay all of our tutors by the fast and simple medium of bank transfer.

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3: Our established client base

We've been in business for over a decade, and we have an established client base and trusted brand. This means we have a regular stream of new private tutor jobs and are in a great position to match talented tutors with the right students. We take care of all advertising and promotion on our tutors' behalf, and our longer-standing tutors are offered the opportunity to be featured on our website, blog and brochures.

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4: Helpful advice and support

Tutors can contact our friendly and supportive team at any time with queries or to discuss concerns. Our admin team members are tutors or teachers themselves, so they are highly knowledgeable about the industry.

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5: Admin made easy

Our online facilities allow tutors to submit lesson claims with ease, and to track their earnings. We invoice the clients and collect payment on behalf of the tutors. Tutors also review and apply for our teaching jobs through our online portal.

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6: Flexibility

We do not insist on a minimum or maximum amount of teaching. We simply notify tutors when suitable tutoring jobs become available and they decide whether or not to accept them.

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7: Special Opportunities

When office vacancies crop up on our Admin Team, we typically approach our tutors first, as they know the company best! The work is well paid and takes place in our trendy Camden office. And, of course, we like to socialise; we arrange informal events from time to time for our tutors and staff — including our periodic ‘Beer and Cheer’ evenings, our summer ‘Ticnic’ (tutor picnic), not to mention our beloved Xmas Party! Our socials are a great opportunity to meet fellow tutors and share teaching stories.

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