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Private Physics tutoring in London and online

Whether it's 11+, Common Entrance, GCSE, A Level or something else — we can help you ace Physics!


Andy — our featured online Physics tutor

Andy studied Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London, and then completed a Masters degree at Cambridge University. He is now in his final year of a PhD in Theoretical Particle Physics at Durham University.


Andy has been a private tutor 6 years. He has clocked up over 1300 hours of tutoring experience to date and has taught more than 100 students. For the last three years, Andy has specialised in online tutoring. He is familiar with a wide variety of syllabi, and focuses on exam technique. He believes that practice makes perfect. Andy enjoys the challenge of teaching the most abstract physical ideas that students often find difficult to understand. For example, waves, nuclear or particle Physics are sections of the syllabus which can be very far from our daily life experience, and one needs to find original ways to relate them to the students. When he is not doing Physics or tutoring, Andy can be found in a boxing ring or in a judo dojo.


We offer Physics tutoring at a wide variety of levels, from young learners (7+, 11+, 13+, etc.) to older learners (GCSE, IGCSE, A Level, IB, Pre-U, etc.) and even to adult learners (those doing undergraduates or Masters courses, or learning just for fun).

Our qualified Physics tutors have been hand-picked by teaching experts (our longest-standing, most successful tutors, some of whom are PGCE qualified teachers) in our thorough selection process.

We offer varied Physics tuition rates to suit all budgets, with prices depending on the tutors' qualifications and their total number of hours of private tuition or classroom teaching experience. 


Muddled by Motion? Frightened by Forces? Weary of Wavelengths? Let us find you a Physics tutor to inspire you and get you back on track! Contact us today.

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