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The Benefits of Cross-Border Tuition

According to the statistics gathered by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) from the academic year 2021/22, there were 679,970 international students pursuing their degrees in the UK. Indeed, the British secondary school qualifications, the GCSEs and A-Levels, are taken by more than a million students across the globe. On the flipside, here in the UK, there are 4,500 students taking the International Baccalaureate.

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In an increasingly globalised world, seeking out the best schooling system for our children is becoming a parental mission transcending geographical borders. With the world's top 30 universities being located in the UK, US, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia, China, Canada and Japan, there are, understandably, students keen to pursue their dreams of studying abroad at these prestigious and highly competitive institutions.

Whether studying at an international school, being educated outside of a school setting, or planning the next academic steps on a different continent, cross-border tuition has never been so accessible and there are multiple benefits, whatever the circumstances. At Titanium Tutors, we have worked with students based in India, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Finland, the US, Bermuda, the United Arab Emirates - just to name just a few!

Our UK based tutors continue to support students around the world - and we want to share with you just some of the different contexts where cross-border tuition is getting great results.

We Work With Students at International Schools

Our tutors support students being educated at British, European and American International schools, both here in the UK and across the world. Online lessons mean that students can access a tutor well-versed in their specific curriculum, at a time that works best for them, negotiating any time differences along the way.

Among our vast collective of tutors, we have individuals who have had truly global educational backgrounds; whether they have come through international school systems themselves or obtained their undergraduate or postgraduate degrees overseas, they can bring their diverse insights to lessons. Of course, as a UK based agency, we have thousands of tutors educated in British schools and top universities who enrich and support the experience of international school students studying British curricula.

We Support Students Relocating in the Middle of their Schooling

Changing schools is a big adjustment for any student to make, even when staying in a country familiar to them! We’ve worked with students who have relocated internationally and are coping with the transition into a new education system, and even those preparing for a relocation ahead of time. Having a dedicated tutor experienced in navigating the transcultural differences in approach to learning, curriculum content – and even the more administrative changes such as course structure, deadlines or marking schemes - can make the acclimatisation process that much easier.

International students in London

We Help Students Studying for the International Baccalaureate in the UK or Overseas

The internationally recognised and highly regarded International Baccalaureate includes 4 programmes; Primary Years and Middle Years Programmes, the IB Diploma and the Career-related Programme. Whether you are studying the IB in the UK or anywhere around the globe, we have tutors well-versed in the different syllabi and distinct mark schemes at every stage of the IB programme. We have tutors experienced not only in tutoring IB Diploma students, but who have taken it themselves and can share their first-hand experience of the rigorous programme

We Help Students in the UK in the Application for International Universities

We are delighted to draw on the diverse educational backgrounds of our tutors and specialist 16+ teachers in helping UK students prepare for the admissions procedures of international universities, including Ivy League schools. This is a niche area of expertise which isn’t always available in British Sixth Form colleges, so we are more than happy to guide students through the different admissions processes and even prepare them for exams such as the SAT (Scholastic Assessment Test) , the ACT (American College Testing), the GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations), MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) or the LSAT (Law School Admission Test).

Student going to study abroad

We Help Students Abroad Apply for UK Universities

With a large number of our tutors graduating from Oxbridge and Russell group universities, as well as trained teachers specialising in supporting students at 16+, we are perfectly placed to give international students the very best chances of securing a place to study in a UK university - and have done so with great success. From advice about options for navigating the admissions process, preparing for interviews and perfecting personal statements, our tutors can help at every stage.

We can also assist with the specific preparation needed for the following exams: the University Clinical Aptitude Test (UCAT- also taken in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand), Cambridge and Oxford Thinking Skills Assessments (TSA), National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT), Cambridge Law Test, Cambridge Language Test, Biomedical Admissions Test (BMAT), Physics Aptitude Test (PAT), Mathematics Aptitude Test (MAT), History Aptitude Test (HAT), English Literature Aptitude Test (ELAT), Classics Admissions Test (CAT), and Modern Languages Admissions Tests (MLAT) - and many more besides.

For those students for whom English is not their first language, our English as a Foreign Language tutors can prepare them for the English language tests required to obtain a UK student visa such as the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language).

EFL tuition is, of course, not limited to prospective university students; we have worked with younger students losing confidence as the language barrier was capping their progress in their new British school, in addition to adult learners who have recently moved to the UK. Our tutors can help to build confident English-speakers who can realise their full potential in their studies without limitation.

We Can Get Students Speaking the Language

Bridging the language gap is equally important for UK students heading abroad to a new school or university, and adult learners relocating for work. Our tutors have the following languages covered: Arabic, Cantonese, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Mandarin Chinese, Persian, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Urdu and Welsh! For whatever purpose the student wishes to familiarise themselves with the language; for school, work or socialising, our tutors can tailor lessons to the unique needs of the student, their lifestyle and their goals without the pressure of keeping up with a class or having to follow a more generalised curriculum.

Online tutoring is leaving geographical limitations behind, meaning that students can find their ideal tutor thousands of miles away; of course, you can leave it to us to do the searching!


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