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Revision vs. Relaxation: How to Strike a Balance in the Easter Holidays

The Easter holidays are finally upon us! Many perceive the April break as a much-needed juxtaposition to the chaos of Christmas; the fortnight provides the perfect opportunity to relax and spend quality time with family – without the added stress of ticking off everyone’s Santa list!

The Easter period is symbolic of new beginnings, and likewise, students should take the opportunity to reset and recharge, so that they feel rejuvenated for their exams! Of course, the holidays are renowned as a time to get a head start on revision – particularly with May exams on the horizon. But how can you strike the perfect balance between revision and relaxation this Easter?

Make a Schedule

Many claim that physically writing things down helps them to retain information, and this also applies to any form of organisation! Let’s not lie: there’s nothing more satisfying than ticking off a task once it’s complete! Whether you create a Google Doc or spreadsheet, or write things down the old-fashioned way, having a physical schedule will help you to a) keep track of your tasks, and b) ensure that you’re striking a manageable balance!

Revision is important, but having downtime is equally crucial. You should allocate slots throughout the week for each subject that you need to revise, and ensure that study sessions are distributed evenly throughout the holiday period. Did you know that cramming has been proven to increase stress levels, reduce sleep (naturally), and prevent you from retaining the ‘crammed’ knowledge in your long-term memory? Instead, the information exists in the fleeting short term – and trust us, and you don’t want to risk finding out just how short that period is (particularly on 3 hours sleep!).

Take Regular Breaks

When crafting your revision schedule, you must ensure that all study sessions are interspersed with regular breaks. Breaks are important to prevent burnout; whilst you may think that you’re doing yourself a favour by revising solidly for several hours, your revision will actually be far more effective in shorter bursts. Plus, we all know that too much screen time isn’t good for you! This is why we would also advise that your ‘breaks’ don’t consist of you scrolling through social media. Not only is social media the biggest culprit when it comes to procrastination, but you owe your eyes a break from the screen!

It is advisable to schedule short revision sessions punctuated by 10 – 15-minute breaks. Use these breaks as an opportunity to grab a snack, keep hydrated, and perhaps even get some fresh air. A walk can work wonders for those fatigued brain cells! Speaking of fatigue, you also need to ensure that you’re getting your optimum 8 hours sleep; revision is no excuse for missing out on the ultimate form of rejuvenation – in fact, exam season is the prime time that you need it!

To keep energised during the actual study period, you may want to invest some time in curating a revision playlist. Need song recommendations? Click here!

Spend Quality Time

Whether you’re celebrating Easter Sunday, Passover or Ramadan – or none of the above – the Easter holidays provide ample opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family. A key way to guarantee that you aren’t “hitting the books” too hard is by carving out time in your busy schedule for your loved ones. Trust us – they’ll appreciate it as much as you will! After a long day spent studying, sometimes there’s nothing better than spending quality time with your nearest and dearest, in the comfort of your own home.

It's also important to spend quality time with yourself. It’s easy to forget whilst exams are looming that school holidays are still, in fact, a holiday. Utilise this time to rediscover an old hobby, or to try something new. Start watching that Netflix show that everyone’s been talking about. Read a book that isn’t on your syllabus. Have a go at cooking that recipe you saw on TikTok. Go for a run. Write a poem. Take a bath. The options are endless!

Revise Collaboratively!

There is no denying the difficulty to remember countless facts and techniques across a broad range of subjects. However, collaborative revision is one of the most effective ways to retain this knowledge – and is the ideal way to ensure that you strike the right balance during this family-oriented holiday. So, fuse the two worlds together, and get your friends and family involved!

Many students have found that actively teaching a topic to another person is one of the best ways to become well-versed in it. So, why don’t you teach your parents a thing or two about Freud? Or school your sister in Pythagoras’ Theorem?

What’s more, there many other creative ways to collaborate with others in order to make your revision more memorable – and, importantly, more fun! From flashcards to team quizzes, you can definitely make your Easter revision a family affair.

Work With a Tutor

If you’re still feeling stressed out about exams this Easter – don’t worry! Countless students will be feeling exactly the same, and there is support out there if you need it. For example, you can always request the help of an expert tutor. At Titanium Tutors, we match students with the ideal tutor to guide them through their revision, and can provide online lessons which they can easily slot into their school holiday schedule!

Get in touch with our friendly admin team today! And for more hints and tips, keep an eye on our blog!


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