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Santa's Biggest Secret — Exposed

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Jesc, one of our top Maths tutors, uses Maths to figure out how Father Christmas is able to visit every home on Christmas Eve.

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Can Santa really get around the whole world in one night? And if so, how does he manage it?

Let’s do a fun calculation - see if you can follow along with either pen and paper or a calculator.

The Maths:

• To start with, there are 7.6 billion people in the world.

• If we assume 25% of people are children, there are 1.9 billion children.

• If we assume every household has roughly 2.5 children, Santa has to travel to 760 million households.

• If we assume that every household is about 1.5 miles apart from one another, then Santa has to travel 1,140 million (1,140,000,000) miles in one night!

• Let’s now assume Santa’s sleigh can travel up to 100 mph. We can use this formula: Speed = Distance / Time. Rearranging the formula gives us Time = Distance / Speed. So the time it takes Santa just to carry out the flying element is 1,140,000,000 / 100 = 11,400,000 (11.4 million) hours.

• Let’s assume it takes Santa 1 minute to deliver parcels to each house, meaning it would take him 760 million minutes to deliver all the parcels. Divide by 60: that’s 12.7 million hours.

• If we add 11.4 million hours and 12.7 million hours together, this means Santa needs 24.1 million hours for his Christmas deliveries!

• If we divide this number by 24, this gives us roughly 1,004,167 days.

• If we divide this by 365, this makes it 2,751 years for Santa to deliver all his presents!!

The Verdict:

Santa can do it one night! He just needs a few extra Elf helpers flying other sleighs!

Your Challenge:

Can you work out how many sleighs Santa would need to deliver all his presents in one night (assuming a 12 hour night)? Solution beneath Jesc's profile below.

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Blog Post Crafted by Jesc

Tutoring Subjects: 11+, Maths, English, Science

Background: Jesc studied at the University of Warwick, completing a degree in Mathematics, Operational Research, Statistics & Economics. She is one of our most experienced tutors, having clocked up thousands of hours’ tutoring experience over the past nine years!

Solution to "Your Challenge": 2,008,333 sleighs (alternatively 2,008,230)


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