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Never Too Niche!

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

A look at some of the trickier enquiries we've solved over the years.

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A day in the Titanium Tutors office can be very colourful. We encounter a variety of requests for different subjects — many of which we’re already very familiar with like Science or Maths, because we deal with these subjects almost every day. There are times when we receive enquiries about topics that we’re slightly less accustomed to, but we’re still more than willing to work on finding a good tutor for the job. There’s nothing more satisfying than pairing a client with a tutor with the specific niche skills required to help! Here’s a list of a few of the more niche enquiries we’ve helped with.

Snooker We received an enquiry for an already gifted snooker player who needed some expert help to take his skills to the top class. A nice breather from looking at exam board specifications and grammar school exam dates, we got stuck into finding that tutor who not only enjoyed bringing the game of snooker to life for a young learner, but whose knowledge of the rules of the game was unquestionably sound, and who had a sharp eye and skilful manoeuvres. The team worked to find suitable venue options for lessons, so were exceptionally pleased to see the lessons take off and continue successfully.

Astrophysics We’re believers in the principle that a tutor needs to know at least a little more than what’s necessary for their student to achieve their goal, be it passing their exam or furthering their knowledge in a field of study for personal gratification. This meant that when it came to finding a tutor for Bachelor’s level astrophysics, we knew we were looking for someone with a firm grasp of the Physics of the universe – perhaps someone who had devoted a great deal of time to studying and researching what gives the sun the energy to power our solar system, and providing advice on how to solve the more difficult calculations. It made sense that the right match would be one of a number tutors who spent a good part of their week presenting their findings to undergraduate students at respected universities.

Java A very good computer science expert with enough time to take on a student for a couple of hours a week and provide support for independent study isn’t easy to come by. With the world quickly becoming technology driven, most know how effective it is to be computer literate in the current business climate, and many people have twigged on to the benefits of working towards becoming a leader in the technological field. It is therefore not that much of a surprise that the volume of requests for tutors for various computer programming languages and software packages has steadily increased. The team do all they can to find excellent matches from different walks of life – tutors with practical experience applying their knowledge in the workforce, or tutors whose careers are focused on passing on their knowledge of computers.

Spectroscopy We’ll have to admit that we had to do a little bit of research when it came to finding out what type of person would be perfect to help a Chemistry Master’s student with their Spectroscopy modules. First we swotted up a little on Spectroscopy itself, and then we turned our attention to what experience a Spectroscopy expert would have! We believe that one of the keys to finding that right match is really getting to understand the needs of the student. We wanted to find a tutor who had a good deal of experience studying the properties of numerous types of light waves in a lab. A person with this experience, we believed, would have the depth of understanding required to work with a student studying at postgraduate level. This was an exciting example of a time where the team, including our interview lesson assessors, learnt a lot in the process of helping a learner!

Other interesting enquiries we've successfully solved include: • Public speaking • BMAT • Architecture • Flight Attending and Ticketing • Nursing

So don't be shy — we love a challenge! If you have a very particular request, be sure to get in touch and we'll put in the work it takes to find the right match for you!

Blog Post Crafted by Leticia

Leticia runs our Admin Team, supporting tutors, clients and applicants. She loves singing and will almost always be seen making a beeline for the microphone at any karaoke night!

Leticia manages the staff on our Admin Team, liaising with tutors, clients and applicants. She is also responsible for processing the ID, Qualifications, DBS Check and References for all our newly joining tutors.



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