Top 10 Revision Apps

Updated: May 27, 2019

What are the best apps to help you revise? We look at an impressive selection.

When revising, it is crucial to maintain focus and keep distractions at bay. Navigating through what seems like a mountain of information and a busy schedule, you find yourself reaching for your phone or iPad. You know though that procrastination is not going to get you those high grades, so what if you put your devices to better use and made revision fun with these following 10 apps?

1. Gojimo

You might have heard of Gojimo, UK’s no 1 revision app. With access to over 40,000 practice questions for GCSE and A Levels, the app covers pretty much any subject you’d need. Gojimo allows you to download quizzes to use offline, tracks your progress and check off each topic as you revise it. If you make mistakes, Gojimo offers detailed explanations on how to improve your answers. All of that, and a slick and smooth interface to go with it.

Price: free

Available on App store and Google play

2. Trello

Trello’s boards, lists and cards enable you to organise and prioritise your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way. For example, you can create a board for each exam topic, then make a card for every possible essay question. You can link it to other apps, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote and more, all for free!

Price: free

Available on App Store and Google Play

3. Quizlet

Quizlet allows you to create flashcards, or use flashcards already created for a wide variety of subjects (beware when choosing the latter, as the quality of information will vary, depending on the user who uploaded it). You can get test ready with Learn, test your memory with Write, race against the clock in a game of Match. As a bonus, you can share the flashcards with friends or classmates. More than 95% of students who use Quizlet as extra help to existing modes of learning have noticed an improvement in their grades, so give it a try!!

Price: free

Available on App Store and Google Play

4. iMindMap

For the visual thinkers, mind-maps are a great tool for digesting information. This software offers a wide array of graphical tools to help you create and organise ideas. It’s very easy to use - simply drag a strand out from the middle starting point, type in the little box it creates, add another strand, add some more text, and so on. The app is beautifully intuitive as well – it automatically colour codes and groups ideas. You can even record and add audio notes.

Price: 4.99

Available on App Store

5. Penultimate

The minimalistic design of the app keeps you away from distractions and focused on just writing things down. Keep your notes in one place with Penultimate. An award winning digital handwriting app, with Penultimate you can take class notes, keep sketches and doodles, and share the content with your classmates. You can quickly add additional pages to your notes, and there is a wide range of dotted, graphed, lined and preformatted sheets you can choose from (such as To-Do Lists or Day Planner).

Price: free

Available on App Store

6. Exam Countdown Lite

If you want to keep yourself organised and motivated, then Exam Countdown is for you. It’s a very straightforward app that keeps all of your exam dates in one place. You can colour code and add symbols to each exam date, and once done, you will see a countdown note beside each entry. You can even share your countdown on social media and help your classmates keep on track as well.

Price: free

Available on App store and Google Play

7. Todait

If planning time efficiently is not your thing, then Todait is the tool to use. The app will make sure you are productive, by splitting everything you need to study over a specific period of time. The Automatic Distribution will tell you how much you should study per day to achieve your goals, and the Automatic Plan Adjustment will adapt the initial plan to your progress, if you’re ahead of schedule or you need some extra time.

Price: free

Available on App store and Google Play

8. Study Ninja

If you’re looking for an entertaining and interactive platform in preparation for your exam, then Study Ninja is a must. With this app you can plan your entire study programme. It will keep track of your daily progress, and challenge you through a series of mini-games.

Price: free

Available on App Store and Google Play

9. Forest

With the forest app you can stay focused and grow your own trees of productivity, but there’s one catch: the trees only grow when you’re not on your phone. Set a period of time for which you want to focus on revision and, as time goes by, the seeds will grow. However, if you touch your phone, your tree will wither. Less distraction means healthier trees. You can share your forest and compete with friends. Bonus: earning coins will enable you to plant up to 5 real trees on Earth, in collaboration with Trees for the Future.

Price: £1.99

Available on App Store and Google Play

10. Oak Meditation

Study aaand breathe. If you feel like your workload is getting to you, or you have troubles sleeping, take a few minutes to find your inner calm with a few but effective breathing exercises. Oak has a simple yet slick design, and the free version allows you to access meditation exercises for awakening, focus or better sleep. You can select the background noises and also the length of the exercises, for a more peaceful revision time.

Price: free

Available on App Store

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