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Private Singing lessons in London and online

Regardless of your ability, our tutors can help you become a musical sensation!

Singing lesson in London studio

We offer Singing tutoring at a wide variety of levels, from preparation for Trinity or ABRSM examinations to GCSE and A-Level performances - or even just for fun!

Our qualified Singing tutors have been hand-picked by teaching experts (our longest-standing, most successful tutors, some of whom are PGCE qualified teachers) in our thorough selection process.

Is vocal tuition right for me? 

by Madeleine

Singing is truly a universally enjoyable experience – whether you sing professionally or just love singing in the shower or the car, singing can be a great source of happiness. It’s amazing how singing can perform so many different roles: sometimes it’s a way of expressing faith, or as a mode of storytelling, or as a way to let off some steam and let your hair down at parties.


You don’t have to be good at singing to enjoy it either! Singing your heart out at a gig is one of the most exhilarating experiences out there, and it doesn’t matter if you sing in tune or not! There are so many people who love to sing and there are loads of opportunities for singers – both amateur and professional – out there.


I’ve sung throughout my life and had some incredible experiences as a result, so I thought I would let you know all about the amazing opportunities for budding singers out there. Whether you’re a keen amateur with a history of singing or new to the art, read on!


State-funded singing lessons

Some schools offer state-funded singing lessons for pupils interested in honing their vocal schools. If you’re in high school and a keen singer, why not ask your school what’s on offer? When I was in high school, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful singing teacher that was posted in our school thanks to funding from our local council – this teacher was instrumental in building my confidence and basic technique in singing. If it’s available to you, why not try it out? On top of this, it’s likely that your school music department has a choir or vocal ensemble you can join!

University societies

If you’re at university, you’re in luck. While you’re in uni, you’re surrounded by a host of free opportunities to sing and perform – as long as you can fit it in around your studies! Some of the societies available to you are likely to produce really high quality performances, so if you’re considering a career in the arts then joining a university choir, musical theatre or opera society in university can be an excellent starting point.


On the other hand, if you just want to try it out for fun, there are undoubtedly more casual performance experiences available too – lots of university musical theatre and opera societies don’t hold auditions and have open spaces available for chorus members. This can be a really fun and judgement-free way to let your hair down and get your artistic side going – go on, give it a go!

Local choirs and amateur performance groups

Outside of schools, there are loads of amateur and youth choirs and performance groups that put on regular concerts and shows that you could be able to star in. Around England and Wales, there is a long traditional of church choirs which act as amazing vehicles for the development of musical and vocal ability in children and young people. If you have a local church with a choir near you and you’re interested in joining, then you might be able to ask for an audition. If you join, you’ll get the chance to develop excellent sight-reading skills and extensive knowledge of choral repertoire – both highly valuable skills in the classical music world.


Otherwise, there are some amazing residential choral projects available to young people too: there’s the National Youth Choir of Scotland for those north of the border, and the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. Often, auditioning and being successful for these choirs can lead to concert and tour opportunities that you will remember for the rest of your life – as a NYCoS alumna I can definitely recommend!

Adults have similar options available to them – in London alone there are countless local churches, amateur opera societies and musical theatre societies around. You’ll have to dedicate at least one evening a week to rehearsals, but if you’ve got the passion for it it’s definitely worth the effort after work!

Private singing tuition

If you’re looking for more than just the opportunity to sing, but to be taught in-depth vocal technique, then the best thing to do is look for a private teacher for singing lessons. Private teachers can be found through tuition agencies such as us, or through word of mouth. Just as with other subjects, finding the perfect singing teacher can be tricky – it’s not only down to how good a singer the teacher is, but whether their method works for you.


On top of this, different teachers focus on different things: from the classical bel canto technique to musical theatre or jazz, there are so many different people out there! So once you’ve pinpointed what kind of singing lessons you want, and what style of teaching works for you, you should be set for finding the best teacher for you.

Why not give us a shout and we can see if we can help you out? Happy singing, everyone!

We offer varied Singing tuition rates to suit all budgets, with prices depending on the tutors' qualifications and their total number of hours of private tuition or classroom teaching experience. 


Confused by chorales? Stumped by Scat? Mystified by Musicals? Let us find you a Singing tutor to inspire you and help you achieve your dreams! Contact us today.

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